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The Ultimate Personal Training For People Who want Results

You'll be trained using the very best of my tips, tools, and strategies that will transform
your body into a lean, mean machine.

If You Want To Get In
Ridiculously Good Shape...

"I lost over 100 lbs and it's all thanks to you man! I feel like a new man."

Jim K.,

"I've worked with trainers my whole adult life and Chuck is the BEST!!! He specifically addresses all of my goals and needs. I thought getting in shape would be a super hard and long process, but within a few weeks I saw results in my body that I didn't even think we're freaking possible. He always listens to my concerns, and answers my questions in a knowledgeable, professional way. I can't recommend him enough, but the proof is in the way I look. Give him a few months, you'll NEVER look back!"

Charlotte C.,
Vegas Ent.

"If you're a total noobie, like me, someone like Chuck is the way to go. Soon enough you'll be infected by his optimistic mindset, and wonder how you could ever have been intimidated by the thought of going to a gym.

I never step foot in the gym and he helped me gain 15 pounds of muscle in just 4 months of training. Forever grateful I signed up with him."

Jason Ludlow
Eastern Washington University

But Want A Practical Approach
That's Easy To Follow...

Whether You're A Total Beginner...

Ilene B,,

“Here’s my story in a nutshell: I didn’t like the gym. I never imagined myself liking the gym, let alone going to a gym. The thought of lifting weights was just weird to me. But most of all I didn’t know how to use the machines and needed someone to teach and guide me. CHUCK solved it all. My fear, my insecurities, and most of all the embarrassment. NOW here I am a little over two months later, and I’m so glad I met Chuck. He’s become one of the best motivations I’ve had in my life. And a really cool friend.”

Ilene B,, Porsche Design
Sora K.,

“I felt like such weak sauce, I couldn’t properly do squats or lunges…. I felt like I was never going to get it. Chuck fixed my form and he built up muscle memory.. Now I can squat and do lunges WITH WEIGHTS, properly!!! I feel extremely confident while working out now! We’ve been training for a little over a month and I’m already seeing results -also, my coworkers and friends always point out that my butt is getting bigger-!! Chuck is tough, he doesn’t play around.. I love it. THANK YOU FOR THE GAINZ, CHUCKLES!”

Sora K., The Encore

Or You're An Experienced Lifter...

Bobby M,.

Chuck is an absolute animal. You can’t stand anywhere near him without burning fat.

Chuck is an awesome motivator and makes the gym fun (though he certainly won’t go easy on you).

I’ve worked out alone my whole life, but have done a few sessions with him and still remember one tip he gave me last year to improve my dead-lift form. My feet were too wide apart for years, and when I changed my stance I was able to instantly add 20 pounds to the bar!

Chuck is a real inspiration. He practices what he preaches and his body is proof of the discipline he keeps in his daily routine.

Bobby M,. Press Advantage
Michael K,,

“I’ve been training for a few years now doing group classes and decided to give Chuck a shot at helping me tone my body. Not only is he fun to workout with but he knows his stuff and knows how hard he can push me to get the results I’ve been wanting. I’m glad I decided to mix this in with my normal routine. Thanks Chuck!”

Michael K,, Hair God Salon

You Will Completely Transform Your Body...

"When I started training with Chuck I wanted a more defined back, bigger biceps, and bigger chest. I saw really good results in just 8 weeks of training. Thanks man."

Shane L.,

"Chuck is an awesome coach! His system is on point and he's fun to work with. I hated having fat around my arms and my thighs. He helped me tighten up all my problem areas. Thank you Chuck!"

Montana D.,
Dental Hygienist

"My goal was to gain as much muscle as possible. I was hoping for a 5lb muscle gain but was doubtful I would be able to put on that much due to my extreme metabolism. I started training with Chuck weighing only 160lbs and when I left Las Vegas after 7 months I weighed 173lbs with 4% bodyfat. I gained 13lbs of muscle in 7 months using his training system. There were times I got discouraged but Chuck helped me keep my motivation strong and pushed me to succeed. He changed my life. Thank you Chuck!"

Aron Davis

Introducing The Power of Hybrid Personal Training...

It's the attention of live personal training, the intelligence of strength programming,
and the accountability of online training combined into one amazing coaching experience. 

Your Entire Road to Success
Is Structured & Planned Out...

Make no mistake. Most other trainers don't map out your progress the way I do.
I offer a COMPLETE package and guide you every step of the way from here to your goal. 

Coaching That's Up To Speed with New Technology...

Not many trainers can say they have their very own app to keep your entire journey
structured, organized, and tracked... if they even track your progress at all!

You'll follow along and learn exactly what I do to get you fit so that you gain
the confidence to train without me when you're ready. 

You'll Get You In The Absolute
Best Shape Of Your Life...

"I absolutely LOVE Chuck's coaching methods. He makes things really easy. I wanted to get toned muscles, and lose a little extra fat and he helped me do it! Thanks Chuck!"

Vivian D.,
Omnia Nightclub

"Chuck has taken my fitness to the next level.  I thought that I knew what I was doing in the gym, but training with Chuck has resulted in faster gains than I ever would have believed possible.  He is a great motivator, an inspiration, and a great person.  He practices what he preaches, which makes it easier to make fitness and lifestyle changes.  Not only has Chuck helped my physique, but he has worked with me to develop discipline and adjust my habits to achieve my goals.  Chuck is the real deal."

Landon L,.
Lerner & Weiss Law

Learn From Someone Who Has Been In Your Shoes
And Knows Exactly How To Turn It Around...

I was never meant to be in shape.

Before the age of 23, the only lifting I did were bottles of Coors Light to my mouth, while stuffing my face with a greasy plate of Buffalo Wild Wings. 

When I discovered fitness at the late age of 23 I knew I had to figure out the most effective training methods possible because I had a ton of time to make up for.

I spent countless nights in front of a glowing computer monitor researching and studying.

I used my interest in psychology and human behavior to quickly create mental shortcuts and strategies to overcome any bad habit or excuse I could throw at them.

I quit all my bad habits like drinking and smoking cold turkey, got consistent at working out, and was able to go from flabby to ripped in as little as 5 months.

I created my unstoppable fitness formula and have been fine-tuning it ever since to help others. I've worked with people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles and have been able to hone solutions that work for you without having to sacrifice awesome parts of your life.

I've made it my pursuit to help others who also might have gotten a late start and want to turn their lives around. I've helped hundreds of people get in the best shape of their lives.

Aside from maybe my past drinking and smoking habits, I was a normal person like you.

I was working two jobs, helping my family out, and trying to maintain a healthy social life at the same time. I've missed some workouts here and there also. I like normal people things like pizza and wings.

The point is I'm human.

You don't have to give up all the things you love to get in shape. And you don't need a budget to get in shape. There's a solution for everyone. And I help you implement the best one for you.

Once I show you how simple it is to get there, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

My Unstoppable Fitness Formula Will Change Your Life...

Poujan S,.

“Chuck is the definition of motivation and he teaches you everything there is to know about fitness. He gives you a plan of attack for growing muscle and cutting body fat. More importantly, he teaches you about nutrition. If you follow what he says, then its guaranteed success in getting the results you want.”

Poujan S,. Commercial Realtor
Thomas T.,

“I went from a flabby physique to having well defined muscles in an extremely short period of time.  For me and my goals, he recommended heavier weights with fewer reps.  I really liked this approach and the results were undeniable.”

Thomas T., Slingshot Apps
Daniel M.,

“Chuck did an amazing job of training me. If you listen to what chuck says, you’ll get the body you want. Just tell him your goals in the beginning and he will mold your body to your liking. Want to be strong? Chuck will have you do workouts that will improve your strength. Want to have bigger muscles? Chuck will give you workouts that focus on hypertrophy. Want a nice ass? Pretty sure Chuck can do that too haha”

Daniel M., Street Saw Hoverboards

Are You Ready For Your Own Success Story?

I'm Offering You A Complimentary Consultation

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It's 100% Risk Free

The consultation is complimentary so there is no risk to you. In the event you do decide to purchase training from me, I offer a 100% money back guarantee:

I believe in my program so much that if you don't experience noticeable physical improvement after 90 days of training with me and you're dissatisfied with my coaching, I will return every dollar you've ever spent with me. All that I request is that you show me you've done all the requirements I've asked of you and I will refund your money - no questions asked.

YES! I'm Ready To Get Started Today

Availability Is Limited

Chuck Hong Chuck Hong,

“I personally guarantee you will love my coaching. You will get results if you stick with the program and follow my instructions. I would never ask you to do more than I would ask of myself or anyone I care about.“

During Your Free Consultation You'll Get:

  • Practical strategies to help you get into the shape you've always wanted
  • Easy to implement step-by-step instructions on getting consistent
  • Full discovery of what's holding back your progress and what you should do instead
  • I'll troubleshoot your plateau and give you action steps so that you can never fail a fitness goal again
  • 45 minutes with me to ask me anything you want with no pressure to buy.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some common questions future clients ask me.

  • Q.What are your rates?

    A.Great question. I offer affordable packages for EVERY budget and all include comprehensive coaching – meaning you get everything you need to get results.

    Training starts as low as $200 per month and runs up to $720 (per session rates break down to $35 -$56 depending on the package). I’ll break down each option for you in detail during your consultation. Every client has unique needs so that’s as close to a quote I can give you online. Visit me for a complete breakdown, I don’t bite. 🙂

  • Q.Do you offer diet plans?

    A.Every client gets customized nutritional guidance and instruction included in their training along with a few days of sample plans that are relevant to their goal. Nutrition is always updated as you evolve and make progress.

  • Q.Where do you train?

    A.I train at City Athletic Club which is located at 7980 W. Sahara Ave.

  • Q.Is there a contract?

    A.Nope. Just give me 30 days notice if you plan on quitting.

  • Q.Do I have to get a membership there?

    A.Yes, it’s month-to-month and no contract. And it’s at a very discounted rate for my clients- $24 a month and you can come whenever you want. If you already have a gym membership somewhere else or are coming from far away, just let me know and we’ll work something out that makes you happy!

  • Q.What's your cancellation policy for sessions?

    A.If you give me 24 hour notice you need to cancel a session, no problem. We can roll that session into next week or whenever there’s a time in the next two following weeks.

    If you cancel on me last minute, bye bye session. I don’t like being flaked on so if you plan on being flaky, there are other trainers who accept that type of indecent behavior.

  • Q.What hours do you train?

    A.Text me anytime, 24/7, if you have a question about scheduling your free consultation.

    My usual working hours are Mon-Fri 11am – 9pm.

    I have many clients with some time slots reserved so meet with me asap so you can reserve your own time slots.

  • Q.Do you do competition prep?

    A.I’m qualified and experienced at getting you as lean and sexy as possible while maintaining your health, beauty, and sanity.

    But no, I will not do your contest prep. If that day comes and you want to do a show, I’ll refer you to some great people. It’s just not my cup of tea!

Your Dream Just Requires Your First Step

Let's sit down over a protein shake and have a casual conversation about your fitness. There's never any pressure with me. I'll help you see a way to your goal either way.

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P.S. Don't Wait Any Longer...

Life will pass you by in the blink of an eye. The time you spend living a shadow of the life you envision for yourself is worth far more than money to fix. Learn what it's like to feel empowered, strong, sexy and to have the exact body you've always dreamed of.

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Almost There: Complete the form below and I'll contact you with my available times.

Your Consultation Is On The House!

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I hate spam too and would never send you any.